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Though many holiday and travel plans for 2022 have been interrupted, staycations in Ireland are on the horizon. Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa in Co.Wicklow offers an ideal staycation destination, as one of the leading luxury five star hotels in Ireland.

Our location in Enniskerry offers an amazing opportunity to relax and enjoy the wonders that are available when you travel in Ireland. There are many activities available nearby, such as Powerscourt House & Gardens that make Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa one of the best places to visit in Ireland.

As we re-open we are taking every precaution and following HSE guidelines to ensure your safety, and that of our staff. Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa will offer more sanitizing stations in public areas, throroughly cleaning surface area at higher frequency) as precautionary measures as a Fáilte Ireland approved hotel. We ask that you comply with the regulations put in place by the HSE to ensure the safety of all guests and staff at the hotel. Guests travelling from areas not on Ireland’s coronavirus green list will have to self-isolate for 14 days prior to your visit.

We will have seasonal staycation deals and packages, as well as staycation ideas available for the area including availing of complimentary hotel bikes, a round of golf on one of our two golf courses or an exploration of Powers Court House & Gardens. Staying with us at Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa will grant eligibility for the staycation voucher offered by the Irish government, meaning we offer one of the best staycations in Ireland.

Powercourt Hotel Resort & Spa is accredited by the Fáilte Ireland Covid-19 Safety Charter. Should you wish to read our COVID-19 Policy please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

A staycation refers to a vacation take at or near your home. Stay-cations are a great way to enjoy some time off while you protect yourself against Covid-19.
Co. Wicklow is one of the safest in [Ireland] and continues to be as businesses and residents in the area make every effort to keep Covid-19 controlled. This ensures we can accommodate guests safely.
Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa has taken every precaution to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. We work very hard to follow all guidelines put in place by the HSE.
Enniskerry offers some amazing activities and amenities, including those offered by leading luxury hotel Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa. We offer ESPA Spa, complimentary hotel bikes, a 20-meter swimming pool as well as meticulous hygiene and sanitization.
Co. Wicklow offers one of the best Irish staycations of the moment offering local amenities such as Golf courses, walking or cycling trails and the Wicklow Mountains National Park.
When you stay with Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa in Co. Wicklow there is no end to the activities you can do during your stay, whether your ideal break includes spa days, nature hikes, fishing, horseriding, or golfing.
Staycations are the new thing in Coronavirus times, and the best places to visit are the ones with rigorous sanitization routines. Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa ensure every safety precaution is being implemented so you can enjoy a worry-free staycation to The Irish countryside in Enniskerry.
Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa in Co. Wicklow is an ideal place to staycation with your family. We offer amenities for families such as [Our pool, complimentary Hotel bikes to cycle around the many trails, Powerscourt waterfall the highest waterfall in Ireland.
Staycations can become expensive particularly if you’re taking a family trip, but in Ireland there will be a staycation tax refund for all staycations taken between October 2020 and April 2021, making your staycation more cost-effective.
Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa in Co. Wicklow offers a unique chance to enjoy a three-day getaway in Ireland.
Ireland is a versatile travel destination, and has so much to offer, including ocean activities and seaside stays, as well as mountain views, and fields so fondly sung of in our folk songs. Ireland offers city breaks, big and small, and Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa is the ideal base to enjoy the best that Ireland has to offer.
The Irish government is offering a subsidy of 20% back on up to €625 to staycationers between October 2020 and April 2021.
To avail of the staycation voucher, you must upload a copy of your receipts to an app and spend at least €25 to reclaim up to €125 per person in income tax credit.
Individuals can reclaim up to €125 in income tax credit as a staycation subsidy.