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About Us

Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa is a totally immersive hotel experience. We offer 5 star luxury with genuine warmth, in breathtaking surroundings, delivered by people as individual as you are.


We’re intuitive, aware and always switched on. We’re natural and open, relaxed, yet attentive and above all discreet and professional. Our brand is firmly embedded in our local environment and we work hard to build relationships with everyone around us. We believe in nurturing a culture of respect from the inside out, to ensure that every customer experience is delivered genuinely and sincerely. It’s not about stiff formality, it’s about a warm, personal service that delivers so much more.


We’re confident, sharp and assured. We love being independent, but we also thrive on forging partnerships with like-minded people who want to share our journey. We like to blaze a trail and we love original thinking, but we always ensure that our ideas are rooted in sound business acumen. We’re surprising and unexpected in our brand communications. It’s the subtle little quirks that raise a smile and keep our customers coming back for more.


We don’t just work here - we live it! We're genuinely passionate about what we do. Our enthusiasm is infectious and we love to share it. We take inspiration from our stunning natural environment and the unique personalities of our staff to offer something genuinely different, that sets us apart from our competitors. We dare to dream so that we can create bespoke experiences that seduce all the senses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, dry cleaning and laundry service are offered to guests.