Powerscourt Estate

Powerscourt Estate

Powerscourt Estate is located in County Wicklow, only 30 minutes from Dublin.
This has been a strategic site for generations, and saw the first version of Powerscourt House built in the 13th century as a medieval castle.

In the 17th century both the castle and 40,000 acres of land were given to the 1st viscount of Powerscourt, Richard Wingfield. The Wingfield family resided in the Estate for over 350 years.
In the 18th century the medieval castle was rebuilt into a 68 room mansion, and it became known as Powerscourt House. The gardens were also added at the same time the mansion was rebuilt, creating the perfectly landscape image we all know.

In the 20th century the Estate was bought by the Slazenger family, who developed plans to open the estate to visitors. In 1974 whilst restoration works were taking place, a fire broke out and destroyed a big portion of the building. The House was fully restored and re-opened in 1996.

Since it’s opening to the public, Powerscourt Estate evolved as a visitor attraction with the addition of several facilities such as the Avoca Terrace Café, Cool Planet Experience, Powerscourt Distillery and Powerscourt Golf, but also due to the natural attractions like the Powerscourt Waterfall and the River Walk.

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Powerscourt Gardens

Today, the Powerscourt Estate comprises 1,000 acres of mountain, farm, hillside, river, golf courses and garden. Perhaps the most famous part of the entire grounds is the 47 acres of landscaped gardens.

Work began on the gardens in 1731 but it was in the 1860's that the most spectacular landscaping was done, leading to the famous terracing that sweeps down to the Dolphin Pond. In later years other elements were added such as the Pepper Pot Tower, the Italian Garden and the extraordinary Japanese Gardens.

Powerscourt Gardens, recently voted No. 3 in the World's Top 10 Gardens by National Geographic, truly live up to their reputation and are only a short stroll along the wooded avenue from Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa.

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Powerscourt Hotel

Offering Palladian-style architecture with 198 generously sized bedrooms, luxurious amenities with the majority of rooms enjoying a clear vista of one of Ireland's most celebrated valleys with the Sugar Loaf Mountain taking centre stage; making the guest stay experience incredibly special. Click here to view our special offers.

Powerscourt Golf Club

Few venues can match the splendour and versatility of neighbouring Powerscourt Golf Club, just a short stroll away. Guests of Powerscourt Hotel can avail of this wonderful 36-hole championship-standard golf complex, set in with the vast grounds of the estate. This stunning golf centre consists of two fantastic courses, the East Course and the West Course and was named the winner of the Best Parkland Venue by The Golfers' Guide to Ireland 2014. 

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Powerscourt Distillery

Powerscourt Distillery is set in the the Old Mill House, faithfully restored and extended. The Powerscourt Distillery Visitor Centre includes six individual tasting rooms, and is proud to produce and showcase the Fercullen Whiskey Brand. 

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Powerscourt Waterfall

At 398 feet, Powerscourt Waterfall is the highest in Ireland, cascading into an open parkland of specimen deciduous trees. It is a favourite for family picnics and woodland walks along the riverbank. Please note that entry fees apply. Ask our Concierge for a map of the Estate and about complimentary bicycle rental.

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The River Walk

The River Walk, a private and hidden gem, deep within the walls of Powerscourt Estate affords visitors a charming and secluded expedition along the Dargle River. Its unspoiled beauty is carefully protected and only a select few ever get to discover its secret delights.

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The Avoca store in Powerscourt House is full of character with original castle walls dating back to the 12th century. The store offers the full range of Avoca favourites and gifts including fashion and kids-wear, books, soft furnishings, jewellery, aromatics and a scrumptious food hall. Enjoy locally sourced and seasonally cooked produce including the famous Avoca jams, cakes and home-made breads.

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