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River Walk at Powerscourt

For the most up-to-date information regarding re-opening dates, opening times and ticket prices, please refer to the websites of the individual attractions.

Discover the Hidden Secrets of Powerscourt Estate.

The River Walk, a private and hidden gem, deep within the walls of Powerscourt Estate affords visitors a charming and secluded expedition along the Dargle River. Its unspoiled beauty is carefully protected and only a select few ever get to discover its secret delights.

The heritage of Powerscourt's River Walk is reflected in the ancient trees which guard the 8 kilometres of winding trails and paths that meander through the Estate. The River Walk’s main pathway was laid in 1868 by the Viscount of Powerscourt so that his family could make the most the Dargle's serenity in comfort.

Now the real beauty of the River Walk is found in the many hidden woodland trails that radiate from the main pathway and which are very safe and easy to explore. Access to the River Walk can be arranged through the Hotel Concierge and guests can travel by foot or bicycle. Gourmet picnics can also be arranged.

Contact our Concierge team for more information: concierge@powerscourthotel.com.