Christmas Tree
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Decorating the Perfect Christmas Tree

Possibly the most exciting tradition in the run up to Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. The festive atmosphere created by the iconic decoration is unmatched and is enough to get anyone in the Christmas spirit. At Powerscourt Hotel we are experts in creating the perfect festive atmosphere for our guests and this year we want to help you recreate that ambiance in your own home so we have put together this list of tips to help you decorate the perfect Christmas tree.

Choose Your Tree

Though many people prefer the appearance and scent of a natural pine tree, we believe that a well-made artificial tree is your best option. Artificial trees made of good, sturdy materials are a great investment because they tend to be more durable and when properly stored can last many years.

Though trend-led trees can be beautiful, the best option is to choose a traditional one that won’t become out-dated over time. Traditional trees also offer more creative freedom when decorating them.


Fluff & Shape the Branches

Once you have your tree assembled the next step is to arrange the branches correctly so as not to leave any sparse areas or gaps. Though it can be time consuming, this task will give you a fuller more natural looking tree making it worth the effort. Separate each of the branches so that they fan out and cover as much space as possible. Be sure to bend any branches you need to cover up gaps. When a tree is properly shaped it can look beautiful no matter how sparse the decorations are.

Choose a Colour Palette and Theme

Decorating to clear theme will assist in creating a professional looking Christmas tree. Choose ornaments from the same colour palette and similar design so that they tie in perfectly with one another.


Start with the Lights

It is important to start with the lights when decorating your tree as it becomes a lot more difficult to add them once baubles and ribbons have been placed. A general rule of thumb is to have 5 metres of lights for every 2 ft of Christmas tree so for a 6ft tree you will need 15 metres of lights.


Decoration Placement

When adding baubles to your tree it is recommended to cluster three baubles of different sizes to add visual appeal and flair. This can be done by using the same pieces together or contrasting pieces. Larger baubles should be closer to the centre for depth with smaller baubles closer to the edge of the branches. If adding ribbons to your tree, don’t be afraid to layer contrasting textures and designs to create your desired effect.


The Perfect Topper

When choosing your Christmas tree topper, it is important to keep in mind your theme. The topper should be eye-catching and yet not pull too much attention away from the rest of the tree and instead complement the accompanying decorations. Another thing to keep in mind is the size in proportion to your tree, it shouldn’t be so big as to over power the rest of the tree but also not too small as to get lost in the other decorations. Once you add your chosen topper, your perfect Christmas tree is finally complete.

Now that you have decorated the perfect Christmas tree, the next step is to add the perfect gifts underneath it. We are now offering MHL Hotel Collection vouchers which can be bought for monetary value or for an experience at any of our Irish hotels, the perfect gift for all your loved ones.