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So You Got Engaged - What's Next?

So you just got engaged, and are wondering what’s next. We have put together some top tips from our Wedding Planner, Alma Kenny, at Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa, that will set you on the right track for this exciting journey.

Enjoy the engagement period

Many couples are under the impression that once the question is asked, the ring is shown and the news is announced, it is time to start planning the wedding. Rushing into planning the wedding can often result in bad decisions, deposits badly spent, and stress. Alma’s advice on newly engaged couples is to enjoy it – there’s nothing quite like being recently engaged, so celebrate it while you can. This is the period where couples can look for wedding inspiration without having to stress or worry about details yet, so it should be cherished. If you’re anticipating a long engagement, you can even start with an engagement party, and practice your planning skills.  

Location, Location, Location

When picking the wedding venue, needless to say location is key. A lot of couples tend to fall in love with a venue and book it for their big day without considering the impact that the location of that venue can actually have on their wedding. One of Alma’s tips on picking your ideal venue is to consider travel distances, not only for you, but also for both sides of the family, and friends. Distant or remote venues can be difficult to access by your guests, and may result in non-attendances. Also keep in mind that these type of weddings will require accommodation arrangements or availability for your guests. And don’t forget to decide on a guest list size before consulting venues – this will save you not only time, but also avoid disappointment.


When picking a date be conscious of the time of year, and what that season can add to your wedding day. This is a top tip from Alma, as the time of the year can also help you decide on your venue, for example, spring and summer weddings can invite to outdoor receptions or ceremonies, whilst autumn and winter weddings may have to be celebrated indoors. The season you pick can also influence your wedding theme and colour scheme – from flowers to ornaments, to curtains or drapes, seasonality is definitely something you should consider in the early stages of your wedding planning.

Walking down the aisle

Some venues, like Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa, have the capability of holding wedding ceremonies, receptions and dinner. However,many couples choose to have their wedding ceremony in a local church or religious place of worship, and then invite their guests to a wedding venue to continue their special celebration. According to Alma, having decided where to hold the ceremony will make the rest of the planning much easier.

Choose wisely

The newly engaged phase is the best to start getting some inspiration for your vendors and suppliers. The choices are endless, so it is important not to get distracted and confused when looking around. Alma’s advice on this topic is to simply browse your favourite social media network to scout your preferred suppliers. Nowadays many vendors display their products,services and real weddings features on their profiles, so it’s a very good way of picking the right ones, as you can see their customer’s feedback through their engagement as well.  

Trust the process

Most couples envision the planning stages only stopping at the wedding day. The truth is, after the wedding day and the honey-moon, the excitement of planning fades out, and the happily ever after kicks in. Alma’s suggestion is to trust the process and enjoy every stage, because moments like these only happen once in a lifetime. Have some couple time and pause the planning on a weekend or spa break; enjoy some time with your bridesmaids/groomsmen;make time for family advice and trust your choices.