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Wicklow, the Hollywood of Europe!

Welcome to Wicklow, The Hollywood of Europe! Did you ever wonder, watching at movies, where in the world it was filmed? County Wicklow has attracted filmmakers since the time of the black and whites. And it’s not surprising given the unique landscape, historic castles, estates and monuments, the highest waterfall in Ireland… just to name a few! So to toast Oscar season, we’ve listed just a few of our favourite films and TV shows to have been filmed in our home county.

Here are some movies filmed in Wicklow that has been offering its amazing and idyllic sceneries to such as:

PS: I LOVE YOU (2007)

Who doesn’t remember this scene from the movie?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUK0kVvXitU
Welcome to Wicklow National Park, where like Hilary Swank you will be blown away by the rugged beauty of the Garden County…



The 80km Braveheart Drive, marking the epic Mel Gibson blockbuster, begins in Hollywood (yes, this is the original Hollywood after which California’s Hollywood was named!) and takes in the sheer drama of the Wicklow Gap, Blessington Lakes and the wild Sally Gap. Many of the spectacular fighting and panoramic scenes from this Oscar-winning film were shot on location in the scenic hills and valleys of the Wicklow Mountains…



Whilst the main set was located in a field in County Kildare, the majority of Excalibur was shot at various locations in County Wicklow, including: Hollywood, Luggala Estate, Powerscourt Estate and Kilruddery Estate. The portrayal of King Arthur was actually shot in the landscape of Sally Gap in the Wicklow Mountains. The magic sword called Excalibur was thrown into Lough Tay, also home of the Lady of the Lake.   However, before that, as seen in the image the sword was pulled from the stone in the woods on Powerscourt Estate as well as the fight scene between Arthur and Lancelot.  The waterfall at Powerscourt – the highest in Ireland – was also featured in the film.



The Michael Collins drive in Wicklow covers 45 miles through lush valleys and picturesque villages. The drive will take you to some of the locations where the film was shot. The film was directed by Neil Jordan in 1996, it tells the story of Michael Collins (known as "the big fellow") from Clonakilty, Co Cork who helped set up the Irish Free State movement The film was shot on location in Dublin, during the famous Easter Uprising Battle and parts of the Wicklow Mountains for the more scenic shots as well as that of Collins' ambush and death.


THE TUDORS (2007-2010)

The Tudors, one of the most successful TV shows of the last decade, brought the glamour of the court of Henry VIII to the Wicklow countryside, with 80% of the series filmed in the Garden of Ireland. The other 20% was filmed at various locations like Dublin City.


VIKINGS (2015)

If asked where you thought Vikings was filmed, you might be forgiven for saying somewhere in Scandinavia. However, every season of Vikings has been filmed almost entirely in Wicklow. Our small county has been transformed into England, France or Norway, as needed.



Ella Enchanted is a 2004 fantasy romantic comedy film and what better location than Wicklow for a medieval movie with all the historic and green spaces it provides? The movie was shot in and around Dublin, Ireland. This photo was taken during a day's filming at Powerscourt Estate, site of the highest waterfall in Ireland. Enniskerry as well as Killruddery House and Garden in Bray were used extensively for locations. Other locations include Luggala Estate, near Roundwood in the Wicklow Mountains and Humewood Castle in Kiltegan, West Wicklow.

Wicklow has the distinction of being the most popular location for feature film making in Ireland, offering idyllic locations that capture the attention of cinema-goers all over the world. And none more so, than Powerscourt Estate.
Since Laurence Olivier started the trend by filming Henry V on the estate in 1944, over 25 different movies and TV series have been filmed or partially filmed here, including Black Beauty, Barry Lyndon, The Count of Monte Cristo, Ella Enchanted and King Arthur.