Powerscourt Pool
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Signature Experiences

Delight in a true ESPA indulgence with a signature experience at Powerscourt Hotel.
Designed to calm, rejuvenate and restore, choose an experience that will create a peaceful and calming rest.

Powerscourt Signature Ritual with Hot Jade Stones & Rose Quartz Crystals

Beneath the lush green, Irish hillsides and rocky landscapes, lies a land filled with wonderous crystals. 
Advanced massage techniques and warm Jade stones are used to rebalance the body and ease muscular tension. 
Starting with a purifying Salt and Oil body scrub to leave the skin feeling smooth and silky soft, an indulgent massage follows, using a combination of individually chosen essential oils and Jade stones to relax tired, and aching muscles. A therapeutic scalp massage using cool Rose Quartz crystals finishes the treatment experience. 

This experience includes: Salt and Oil Scrub, Body Massage with Warm Jade Stones, Nourishing Facial Cleanse, Soothing Facial Massage, Personalised Facial Mask & Scalp Massage with Cool Rose Quartz Crystals.

120 minute experience
Weekday - €240
Weekend - €250

Powerscourt Wellness Experience

Unwind the busy mind, escape the pace of everyday life, and emerge feeling focused, with a sense of renewed positivity. 
The Powerscourt Wellness Experience targets three key areas, the Back, Face, and Scalp. 
Includes: A Back Massage, Express Facial and Scalp Massage.

60 minute treatment
Weekday - €135
Weekends - €145