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Gharieni Spa Wave System

Gharieni Spa Wave System is a computer-controlled acoustic and vibrational therapy that trains the brain to relax and benefit from deep relaxation techniques. 
Using specific vibrations and binaural audio frequencies, Welnamis makes it possible for even the busiest minds to achieve deep levels of relaxation in one therapy session. 

Similar to meditation, specific sounds slow down mental activity and vibrational frequencies act specifically on the energy centers (chakras) of the body.The foundational therapy is the Quantum Harmonic audio therapy. 
It delivers symptom-reducing and resilience-building multilayered programs through stereo headphones. Welnamis can be combined with other treatments or be self guided. 


Specially composed music applied through gentle acoustic waves with binaural sounds, works to release stress during the sound therapy treatment. Based on the Quantum Harmonic sound therapy, this treatment features precise and complex audio frequencies matched to the organs and chakras of the body. 
Refreshing and revitalising, this treatment is unique in its technology and approach. 

30 minute treatment 
Weekday - €65 
Weekend - €65