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ESPA Gift Guide

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Luxury Gifts

The Jewels of Nature

Inspired by world -renowned ESPA spas and treatments from around the world, this indulgent chest is filled with top-to-toe luxury. This exclusive selection holds the secret to nature’s most precious jewels, designed to enhance inner calm.

The Collection Contains:

Optimal Skin Pro-Cleanser 100ml
Optimal Skin Pro-Serum 30ml
Optimal Skin Pro-Moisturiser 55ml
Overnight Hydration Therapy 55ml
Depuff and Soothe Eye Gel 15ml
Pink Hair and Scalp Mud 200ml
Refining Skin Polish 55ml
Restorative Bath and Body Oil 100ml
Restorative Atmosphere Mist 12ml
Gua Sha Tool

Price: €249

ESPA Jewels of Nature

Gents Timeless Treasures

Our unique men’s grooming products are specially formulated for clear, youthful skin and a smooth comfortable shave. Handpicked and placed within an opulent keep sake wash bag, perfect to use on-the-go. Be a diamond in the rough with ESPA’s skin care treasures.

The Collection Contains:

Post Shave Rescue 70ml
Energising Shower Gel 70ml
Dual Action Shave Mud 100ml
NEW Limited-Edition Razor

Price: €80

ESPA Gents Timeless Treasures

The Hydrating Collection

Take the first step towards plumper, hydrated and radiant skin. ESPA’s collection of hydrating products uses powerful natural ingredients that work together to gently quench dryness, restore balance and calm the mind.

The Collection Contains:

Hydrating Cleansing Milk 200ml
Hydrating Floral Spa-Fresh Mist 100ml
24-Hour Replenishing Moisturiser 55ml
Refining Skin Polish 55ml
Overnight Hydration Therapy 15ml

Price: €116

ESPA Hydrating collection

A Treasured Night’s Sleep 

Be soothed to sleep with this dreamy collection of bedtime essentials and embrace deeply relaxing Lavender essential oil, a precious jewel of nature. Allow ESPA’s calming aromas to help you unwind and enjoy the gift of blissful bedtimes. Share a timeless tradition and pave the way for brighter mornings with a restful night’s sleep.

The Collection Contains: 

Restful Bath & Body Oil 15ml
NEW Restful Night Cream 100ml
Restful Pulse Point Oil 9ml
Restful Atmosphere & Pillow Mist 100ml
NEW Satin Eye Mask

Price: €56

ESPA a Treasured Night's Sleep

The Ritual of Relaxation

Discover the perfect collection of ESPA’s most nourishing body products that ease muscle tension
with natural ingredients, the jewels of nature. Restore active bodies, release sore muscles and experience total mind and body relaxation.

The Collection Includes:

Fitness Shower Gel 200ml
Muscle Rescue Balm 70g
Fitness Bath and Body Oil 15ml

Price: €69

ESPA Ritual of Relaxation

Winter Spice Deluxe Candle 200g

Hand-poured and opulently infused with pure essential oils. Let the warming aromas of Sweet Orange, Clove, Cinnamon and Ginger envelop you and your home.  Greet your guests with warm,

inviting aromas and create an unforgettable sense of luxury in your home.


Price: €47

ESPA Winter Spice Deluxe Candle

Frankincense & Myrrh Reed Diffuser 200ml

Enjoy the perfect traditional Christmas scent, infused with nature’s most festive jewels. Nostalgic notes will fill your home and your hearts during these celebrations, giving the gift of wellbeing.

Price: €52

Frankincense & Myrrh Diffuser - ESPA

Active Nutrients Collection

ESPA's adored Active Nutrients range harnesses the power of some of nature's most prized miracle workers. This advanced range of responsive products works in harmony with skin to nourish and create natural radiance, giving you a healthy glow and a restored sense of confidence.

The Collection Contains: 

Optimal Skin Pro-Cleanser 100ml
Optimal Skin Pro-Serum 30ml
Optimal Skin Pro-Moisturiser 55ml
NEW Clean & Green Detox Mask 30ml
NEW Overnight Glow Enzyme Peel 30ml

Price: €108

Tri-Active™ Regenerating Collection

Using the world’s most treasured ingredients, ESPA embraces the invaluable jewels of nature. Target visible signs of ageing with ESPA’s Regenerating range. The targeted Tri-Active™ formulas naturally super charge your skin, delivering exceptional age-defying results that you can both see and feel.

The Collection Contains:

NEW Tri-Active™ Regenerating Calming Cica Cleansing Balm 55ml
Tri-Active™ Regenerating Bio-Retinol Sleeping Serum 30ml
Tri-Active™ Regenerating Moisture Complex 55ml
Tri-Active™ Regenerating Facial Oil 10ml
NEW Tri-Active™ Regenerating Phyto-collagen Mask 30ml

Price: €173